Support Health in India!

We performed an analysis based on multiple research papers and previous studies and identified the following key issues plaguiging the healthcare ecosystem in India.

Acute Shortage of Health Professionals

Dismal number of healthcare professionals in India; 1

Huge spread of COVID in the Country

Our country need active intervention 1

Significant social stigma on wearing masks

Government needs support! 3

Affordability of Care for All

Most of the professionals are located in the Urban areas.2

Low Awareness!

Due to lack of education and awareness about healthcare. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings spread throughout society.

Lack of Evidence based Care

Rich qualitative data from local, lived experiences is rarely used as evidence to build programs thus affecting program quality and outcomes.

About Us

Started in 2020, OMPHI is a non-profit driven organization focused on public health support especially during COVID. In our brief time, we have established a extensive network of 150+ volunteers and have been able to impact hundereds of lives.

We will soon be expanding our initiatives and taking on more projects. We strongly believe in an outcome focused and evidence based approach for all our projects.

Our Impact

Since our inception in March 2020, we have made a significant impact and are growing rapidly thanks to the support from our volunteers.


Lives Imapcted




Calls Handled via Helpline

Our Initiatives

Health during COVID and the Migrant Labours

We are helping migrant workers who are severely impacted during COVID.

We aim to support and improve the conditions of migrant workers severely impacted by COVID.

All India Social Helpline for COVID

Through this helpline we provide safe, empathetic and non-judgemental yet active listening to people who may be experiencing a range of difficult emotions during this pandemic.

We provide an interim and immediate support and guidance in times of crisis and help the individual in cases of life risk to reach out to more adequate support systems.