Health and the COVID Impact

We are actively involved in India's fight against COVID and supporting grassroots initiatives for health and well-beings of our migrant labourers.

We are doing our best to support COVID care in India through a team of dedicated volunteers. 1
We are distributing masks, toll free helplines, and other public health work in the country.1
Come join hands! 3
Volunteer with your time and expertise 2
We are open for part-time and full time volunteering. 2

Project Specific Interventions

Senior Citizen Health

Help track the health of senior citizens in community

Workshop / Webinar Series

We are conducting workshops for behavior change in collaboration with community health organizations

Social Support Helpline

Started as an all-India volunteer initiative during COVID times, we have launched helpline for community members to talk to our counselors pro-bono about their concerns and seek assistance.

Receive and Create Goodwill

By being a part of our Community Health Initiative, you would benefit from improving the health of your community, creating a more conducive environment, and saving lives during COVID.

We are supporting free programs for the general public disadvataged sectors of society who need this care as well but are unable to afford it. Thus, by being a part of this initiative, you would help us get closer to our mission of providing access to quality and affordable healthcare for all.