Mental Health and the Workforce

Based on previous studies and research papers, information about the occurence of mental health in employees and its potential impact on the business was analyzed. The results are as follows

WHO suggests that mental health issues, globally, account for $1 Trillion in lost productivity each year 1
WHO reports suggest that every $1 spent on employee mental health returns $4 in improved health and productivity.1
80% employees experience anxiety and 55% have signs of depression3
58% employees say their productivity is hampered due to stress at work 2
31% employees took leave due to troubles with their mental health 2

Project Specific Interventions

Mental Health Audits

Helps track the mental health of your employees and as an organization

Workshop / Webinar Series

Crafted by experienced psychologists, we conduct customized workshops and webinars for employees, supervisiors and management to help spread awareness about mental health in the organisation and also provide strategies for self-management.

Psycho-Social Helpline

Started as an all-India initiative during COVID times, we have launched organization specific helplines for employees to talk to our counselors about their concerns and seek assistance.

Receive and Create Goodwill

By being a part of our Mental Health for the Workforce Initiative, you would benefit from improving the mental health of your employees, creating a more conducive work environment, and increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

What makes us unique is that we spend the proceeds from this initiative in supporting free programs for the general public and disadvataged sectors of society who need this care as well but are unable to afford it. Thus, by being a part of this initiative, you would help us get closer to our mission of providing access to quality and affordable healthcare for all.